Models Of Addiction In The Movie 'Everything Must Go'

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Everything Must Go is a film about an alcoholic, Nick Hasley, who has recently lost his job, wife, car, and dealing with all his possessions in his front lawn. Throughout the movie, Nick, displays an addiction to alcohol as he copes with the loss of his possessions. Through support of acquaintances, Nick is able to let go of his life and addiction to begin a new one.

Models of Addiction
According to the text addiction is the “physiological and psychological dependence on a behavior or substance. Behavioral addictions (sex, gambling, spending, obsessive Internet use) and consumptive addictions (alcohol, drugs, food) often have similar etiologies, prognoses, and treatment procedures” (Wormer & Davis, 2018 p. 9). Nick Hasley in the movie was an alcoholic that displayed issues in the workplace and personal life. Nick lost his job due to working while intoxicated, damaging company property, and failing to meet mandated treatment. Nick provided 16 years of service to the company and was terminated due to his alcoholism.
The addiction to alcohol emulates the Biopsychosocial-spiritual model. According to the text, the “biology of chemical use relates to the formidable hereditary components in the etiology of this illness and the physical problems that may arise with extended use.” (Wormer & Davis, 2018 p.12). Nick’s father an alcoholic and could explain the heredity and learned behavior portion of this model. Psychological concepts are present in Nick’s life such as the
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