Models in the Substance Abuse Field

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The term substance refers to all psycho active substances –“any substances when taken by a living organism may modify its mood perception, cognition deportment or motor function,” (DSM-IV, 4th edition) whether it is legal or illegal.

Substance abuse refers to the utilization of a drug or other substances for non-medical purposes with the aim of engendering a mind-altering effect in the utilizer (MOH, 2005). It involves the utilization of illegal substances such as cannabis, misuse of licit drugs or utilization of a drug or substances for purposes other than that prescription (MOH, 2005; Rehm & Eschmann, 2002).

Substance abuse is one of the expeditious growing public health and convivial quandary that has unpropitiously involved substantial part of population. According to UNODC (2008), 205 million people are involved in substance abuse worldwide. Of these, there were 25 million people who were addicted to substance and were not able to stop without treatment. Injecting drug users are estimated at 13.2 million worldwide.

Cannabis is a term used to refer to the numerous psychoactive preparations from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. Cannabis in UK was re-relegated in January 2009 and is now a Class B drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1971.The maximum penalties for possession:of cannabis could be 5 years prison sentence or an illimitable fine, or both and for dealing and supplying could up to 14 year prison sentence or an illimitable fine, or both
Cannabis in Cumulated
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