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Models of Care The purpose of this essay is to provide a review of the models which are Chronic Care Model and Patient-Centered Medical Home Model. Also to provide how both achieve quality and safety and add as much information on how both models benefit in providing care to the patients. In comparison and contrast between Chronic Care Model and Patient-Centered Medical Home Model, it is pertinent to know that Chronic is a condition which “requires ongoing adjustments by the affected person and interactions with the health care system” (Improving Chronic Illness Care, 2006-2011) and is related to the Chronic Care Model which initiates an improved an system between the organization, the community and the level of care. Patient-Centered…show more content…
Having these elements is pertinent for both models, however a difference is that the patient- centered medical home model does not require that patients “get permission from a primary care doctor to see a specialist” (Patient-Centered Medical Home, 2007) however they are required to have a promising relationship with their primary physicians who can advise on what kind of special care is in need and what specialist can advise them in the best medical care and with the best decisions. In conclusion, a structure on lower cost is pertinent to providing the right model for the system. Achieving a prosperous medical outcome in the end requires a cost budget that will benefit not only the Health care organization but the patients as well. Another benefit for patients is to implement a low cost strategy that will allow patients to receive medical treatment and also pay out cost that meets the individual’s budget. Creating an income chart would also be a way to know what a patient can afford to pay. Reference American College of Physicians (2011) Joint principles of a patient. Retrieved February 16, 2011 from Improving Chronic

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