Models of Corrections Essay

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This essay provides answers to the following prompts:

1. What is the community model of corrections?
2. What is the crime control model of corrections?
3. What are the differences between prisons and jails?
4. What is your opinion about the constitutional rights of prisoners?

1. What is the community model of corrections?

This model of corrections main purpose was to reintroducing the offenders in to the community. This Program was invented to help offenders in the transition from jail to the community, aid in the processes of finding jobs and stay connected to their families and the community. The needs of these individuals are difficult: the frequency of substance abuse, mental illness, unemployment, and homelessness is
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Model corrections believe that jail does not rehabilitate offenders in the contraire they often do the opposite, perpetuating the same behavior that led to the offender’s incarceration in the first place.

2. What is the crime control model of corrections?

This control model of corrections is based on the sole believe that criminal behavior, can somehow be control by harsh punishments or jail. Crime control model of corrections is more punitive and makes greater use of imprisonment, particularly for violent offenders and career criminals. This model of corrections mandates longer sentences, mandatory punishments, and strict regulation of offenders in probation and parole. Public safety and punishment through incapacitation, deterrence, and retribution: determinate sentencing; sentencing guidelines; increased use of incarceration; mandatory incarceration laws; abolish parole is the main purpose of this model corrections.

The result of these tough policies is accredited with the massive record number of people incarcerated, the greater amount of time being served, the vast number of parolees returning to prison, and the increase in the probation population. Numerous advocates accredit the fall of crime rates to the crime control policies. However, others question if the crime control policies have actually made a difference. Crime control corrections are a set of beliefs

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