Models of Customer Satisfaction

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Models of Customer Satisfaction
Adriadne Aaron-Hill
Peru State College
Executive Summary This paper presents different models of customer satisfaction. Models are needed in customer satisfaction so that when measurements are taken there is a way to analyze the results. Companies who want to compete in their field must understand the purpose of customer satisfaction. The beginning stage of customer satisfaction is distinguishing between the customer and the consumer. A customer is an individual or business that purchases a product or service. A consumer is an individual that actually uses the product or service. Even though research is generally termed customer service satisfaction as the customer is the purchaser, it is important to
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High performance businesses understand the importance of meeting these demands in order to retain customers and to build new customer relationships. Businesses that are mindful of customer satisfaction try to eliminate product and service failures, exchanges in which the customer experiences losses (Smith, Bolton, & Wagner, 1999). Businesses choose to measure customer satisfaction so that they can determine their customer loyalty, the business revenue, and costs. Gaining a profit is the ultimate goal of businesses, however, great businesses focus on the customer, and their needs and making sure that quality demands are met. There are different models used to measure customer satisfaction that are dependent upon the particular information desired. Models can focus on value, quality, performance, and expectations. Models are needed to analyze the validity of measurements for customer satisfaction.
Literature Review

Deros, Rahman, Rahman, Ismail, and Said examined Quality Function Deployment (QFD). A study was done to measure service quality performance. Initially the research began with surveying with questionnaires for feedback. They believed that it was necessary to be able to adapt to the changing market in order to compete. Study revealed that QFD can be used can be used to effectively improve in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction (Deros, Rahman, Rahman, Ismail, & Said, 2009).
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