Essay about Models of Family Therapy

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Multigenerational Transmission Process Bowen theory is one of human behavior. The theory views family as an emotional unit, and uses systems theory to describe interactions within the family. Bowen believed that humans are dependent and reactive to others. Family members may feel distant or disconnected from each other; this is not a fact, but merely a feeling. Family members profoundly affect each other’s feelings, actions, and thoughts, no matter how distant they may be feeling ("Bowen Center," n.d.). Bowen describes the family as a multigenerational network of relationships ("Bowen Center," n.d.). The multigenerational process describes how differences in levels of differentiation between parents and their children lead to marked…show more content…
The more impact others have on his functioning, the more he tries to control others. Family relationships during childhood are a big factor when considering the person’s emotionality. The undifferentiated person is driven by reactivity to others around them, while the differentiated person is able to act in a calm, flexible manner, without responding to anxiety. Undifferentiated people are very emotional and respond to the stimuli around them. Emotional Triangles Bowen was aware of how most relationships are shadowed by a friend or relative. A three-person relationship system is considered a triangle. When two individuals are having problems and are unable to resolve a conflict, they may seek advice from a friend or family member, bringing this person into their relationship. This relationship is considered a triangle. Undifferentiated people are more likely to triangulate others and be triangulated. Differentiated people cope with life stressors and are less likely to triangulate or be triangulated. A triangle can tolerate more tension than a two-person system because the tension is able to shift around from person to person throughout the system. The more people are driven by apprehension and anxiety, the less lenient they are of one another (Nichols, 2010). Spreading the anxiety to each party, can stabilize a system for awhile, however, the real problem never gets resolved. Goals of Therapy The goal of
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