Models of Health

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Unit 1 models of health There are two different models of health of which will be looking at the bio medical model and social model of health, there are numerous models and explanations that highlight biological as well as social and psychological processes (Naidoo and Wills, 2008; Aggleton, 1990). The biomedical model is what dominates today’s medical profession, “People are healthy so long as they show no signs of bodily abnormality” (Aggleton, 1990). This is a typical biomedical statement it shows that medical practitioners who follow the biomedical model are more focussed on treating the body and not the mind, this is because it is quicker and cheaper to treat a person with drugs rather than delve into treating the mind with…show more content…
The GP will treat that flu with medicine, which is a curative response then they will send you on your way until you come in for something else down the line GP’s have adopted this state of mind because it saves time and money. The biomedical model of health looks at individual physical functioning and describes bad health and illness as the presence of disease and ill symptoms as a result of physical causes such as injury or infections and doesn't look at social and psychological factors. The Biomedical model concentrates only on the individual, social medical does not solely concentrate on the individual. The social model of health looks at how society and our environment affect our everyday health and well-being, including factors such as are social class, poverty, poor housing, diet, pollution and income. The social model of health looks at the whole person and focuses on what structural factors could be affecting your health for example gender ethnicity and social class it also looks into more preventative methods like therapy, councilling, CAMs and other methods like self-help groups. This is the material and structural explanation of health as exemplified by Acheson (DH, 1998) and Marmot (2010) is imperative in this model of health and so much of the health research from this perspective concentrates on the implications of gender, ethnicity and social class. The social model of health has been popular due to the rise within
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