Models of Maternity Care: Private Obstetrician Care

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This paper will look at two different models of maternity care provided to women midwifery led care and medical led care perspectives. It will compare and contrast the midwifery caseload care and obstetric care. How this impacts on the woman’s childbearing experience and midwifery practice will also be discussed in this essay. The caseload midwifery care is a midwifery continuity of care model that makes sure the woman recognizes the midwife offering her with individualised care. Caseload Midwifery values women centred care and community based care. Women centred care refers to as allowing women to be involved in and have the capacity of controlling over their care via enabling women to make informed choices within a supportive professional relationship with their primary caregiver. Caseload midwifery has been defined as “a system of midwifery care in which each midwife is responsible for a group of women” yet it has been asserted that caseload midwifery results in “better communication and continuity of care for the woman and improved job satisfaction for the midwife”. Brown M & Dietsch 2013, identify those benefits for women from caseload models including the decline of foetal death before 24 weeks; increased in home birth and higher rates of normal birth, less caesarean and instrumental deliveries, fewer frequency of post partum haemorrhage; enhanced maternal satisfaction, choice, communication and trust; and lower maternal stress, anxiety and improved maternal sense of
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