Modern Aboriginal Issues Essay

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Modern Aboriginal Issues The first Europeans to settle Australia treated the Aboriginals in a brutal, unfair manor. They downgraded Aboriginals to a lower status as human beings. They tried to force the Aboriginals to conform to the western way of life for more than 200 years. It is only fairly recently that the Aboriginals have finally been able to gain back some of their indigenous rights and traditions. Yet they are still deficient in many areas. The land that their ancestors held has not all been returned to them, they struggle to meet the requirements of western education systems, and they have a very limited access to health care. In spite of these problems, many aboriginals are working…show more content…
There are many barriers that have been broken down since this time, but many still remain. The Aboriginals first came to Australia around 60,000 years ago from South East Asia. They came to the continent by boat in a time when the oceans were easier to cross, yet they still had to cover great distances. There were many waves of immigration; the Aboriginals do not stem from one single group. Upon reaching the northern coast, some Aboriginals settled, but others dispersed across the entire land mass. Eventually many diverse tribes inhabited almost all of the territory. They lived in a loose communal lifestyle with deep kinship connections. The population remained fairly steady at around 300,000 people living on the continent at any time for some 2,000 generations, or 50,000 years. There were upwards of 200 languages, each with more than one dialect. The Aboriginals formed a literal meshwork across the Australian expanse. Aboriginals inhabited every ecosystem including the coasts, woodlands, tropical forests, rivers, and the interior desert. Most of the tools that they used were made from bones, stone, and wood. Their nomadic lifestyle limited them to only a few basic necessities that they would carry with them all the time. The Aboriginals had many varied religions, but in essence they believed that their ancestors were the rocks, trees, and other structures
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