Modern Advancements to Website Development Essay

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We live in a rapidly evolving world where technology has made a major impact on our lives today, especially the technology of the Internet. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has changed the way we’ve looked at websites over time and still continues to evolve.
According to (, 2014, HTML was first introduced in 1999 by WHATWG or Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group and was the standard bases for most Internet pages. Since then, the recent installment, HTML5, has replaced all previous versions and helps in the aid of delivering remarkable content, such as animation, stunning graphics, music, and help in building complicated web applications, without the aid of plug-ins.
CSS3, also known as Cascading Style Sheets,
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Lastly, JavaScript, which kind of goes hand-in-hand with CSS3 for creativity purposes. By adding some form of interactivity such as animations to pictures or objects can help bring your website to life. An example of this would be the website .
This website is a German based design company that does print work, and also websites for local companies in that area. Immediately I was introduced with a two guys spinning in chairs faded into the background as well as “pop-up” text that introduced who they were and invites the user to click one of the links below and explore their site. The links below even vibrate and wiggle before they are even clicked upon. Onto visiting their work page, this lays out what work they have done so far from then and now, and even some of their work has interactivity in them like their Target Around page, but once you hit the bottom, you’re introduced to a color changing mustache indicating the page is loading and more work is going to be introduced to the user. By hovering over these works, you get an orange border around it and also buttons to expand the window or to go to the site itself. Once the window is expanded, you have the option to go to the next piece of work, visit the site or minimize the page, and each button has it unique animation to go along side it. The team page even has its own unique animation, such as adding a hovering mustache over the team member’s face, for comical
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