Modern Advertising : The Exploitation Of Fear

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Propaganda is everywhere. There are several examples of intense propaganda campaigns from the past, notably from WWII, where the citizens of a nation were led into supporting the current regime, no matter what the situation was. Although a heavy influx of propaganda is created during wartime, it is definitely still present during times of peace. The tactics that these nations used are eerily similar to those that modern businesses use to persuade potential customers into buying their products. Both businesses and propagandists use conniving tactics such as distorting information and exploitation of fear to affect their target audiences. Due to this exploitation of people, modern advertising uses the same psychological manipulation as notable propaganda campaigns from today and the past. One very effective technique that modern advertising uses is the exploitation of fear. Advertisers can exploit fear caused from current events to promote their products to the people. One example of this is the increase of SUV sales after 9/11. SUVs were designed to appear strong and sturdy in order to appeal to the perceived lack of safety and security at the time, and people bought them en masse. SUV sales eventually increased so much that they accounted for 20% of all American car sales. Although they were perceived as very safe and secure vehicles, SUVs were more likely to roll over than smaller cars (Peretti). This situation shows how people flock toward any perceived attempt to
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