Modern Agriculture Vs Traditional Agricultural Practices

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Modern Agriculture versus Traditional Agricultural Practices Student Name(s) Student ID(s) Course Code Tutors Name(s) Date 1. Executive Summary Agriculture has been a critical occupation amongst people. Notwithstanding, the present day agrarian practices have experienced emotional change from the customary one. Customarily, Agricultural practices mostly rotated around sufficiently creating nourishment and items to support human life. Also, customary routines, for example, creature taming and manual culturing were favored. Additionally, productivity was very reliant on regular assets and sensation, for example, rainfall. This negligibly influenced the exploitation of natural resources however there was increased danger of starvation and unhealthiness. Nonetheless, the fast increment in population brought about requirement for expanded benefit. In addition, mechanical headway empowered automation and expanded productivity, a methodology which led modern transformation. As will be clear in this report, both the conventional and cutting edge rural practices have their upsides and downsides. While the conventional practices were economical and less harmful to nature, they brought about deficient benefit. Notwithstanding, present day agricultural practices are sparing yet less practical and have pernicious effect on the earth and environment. In this manner, it is recommendable that current agriculturalists concentrate on how they can fuse some customary

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