Modern Alienation Is Problems Today 's Modern World

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Modern Alienation is problems that were facing in today’s modernize capitalist world. Modern Alienation in today’s world shows the new ways people interact and understand each other and how the world has change .In the modern world people want to have as little interact as possible. The new generation the Millennial are accustom to not having much interaction because they grew up in a world that is self-sufficient. The way how food industry and other outlet conducts their business were things are becoming self-served food that are already been process with no love and limited interaction and without servers. People may say this is because of Mcdonaldization which transformed the food industry because the people in charge say this way…show more content…
Also identity and the alienation of Social class struggle like The Case for Reparations show the alienation of the black community after slavery during the Jim Crow era, and social struggle between owners and workers proletarians and bourgeoisie from Karl Marx communist manifesto. Marx spoke of this alienation which is happening in modern society. Why have we become spectator to the things that happening in modern society, maybe we became spectators because the things that’s hurting use we see them as convenient and not harmful. Also Paulo freire mention alienation to show children begin oppressed and isolated from of knowledge The children that are born in to the new generation seen these things when they were younger and thought it was just part of everyday life their parents except it, and they don’t know the harm that comes with. Becoming a spectator to these problems will only lead to future society becoming more isolated and cold. Soon were just going to let the government make all the decision in our life’s no voice leads to us to begin told what to eat and what is good for us. Because of modern alienation way we eat and interact is changing and it is turning use in to spectator who turns a blind eye to the changes.
How can modern alienation and spectatorship in modern society be overcome. Modern
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