Modern American And Ancient Jewish Social Hierarchy

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Children are a gift from God, in fact, one might say raising a child is the greatest pleasure anyone can have. However, children are often marginalized and considered lesser until they become a young adult. The disenfranchising of children occurred even back in the time of Jesus. One might question, what does God think about children. How does God’s view of children fit within society? This paper will equate the human constructs of modern American and ancient Jewish social hierarchy, specifically how children fit in, and differentiate them from God’s view of children. As part of the Jewish social structure, children were placed in low regard often filing in close to the bottom of the order. Halvor Moxnes a Professor of New Testament at the University of Oslo and writer of “The Social Context of Luke 's Community” places an emphasis on two groups in the society the elite and non-elite. “The elite made up only a small fraction of the population but controlled the land and its production as well as the political, social, and religious system.” The elite have privilege, prominence, and power in Jewish society while the non-elite consisted of poverty, pettiness, and proclivity. “The non-elite, that is the great bulk of the population, comprised a large variety of groups. In addition to the servants and slaves of the elite, there were merchants, shopkeepers, and artisans organized into guilds, often grouped in special streets.” These few trades and workers just scratch the…
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