Modern American 's View On Vladimir Lenin 's Economic Policies

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Modern American 's View on Vladimir Lenin 's Economic Policies Founding the Russian Communist Party and leading the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Vladimir Lenin was one of the most essential and controversial figures in the 20th century. Deeply believing in Marxism, Lenin devoted his Initiated for the undertaking of communism in Russia. However, although undoubtedly a great leader who made a significant contribution in politics and philosophy to the world, Lenin made considerable bad judgments in the field of economy. By analyzing the economic policies of Lenin through the lens of modern American politics—including the traditional capitalism theory, the politics of the democratic and the republican party, and a growing socialism in America—people can have a new understanding of Lenin 's policy and of the economics problems the modern society facing. Initiated for the well-being of the working class under the disturbing working environment of capitalism factories, communism, and later the Lenin 's socialism, notoriously have a negative perception of capitalism, depicting it as the evil force that exploits the workers and human morals. However, many established capitalism rules proved to be appropriate in evaluating many economical problems. And in this case, capitalism 's theory enable the modern society to look at the Leninism from a different angle. The most basic premise of modern economics is that people are rational. Rational people grab every opportunity

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