Modern American society is still using the constructs from the eighteenth century. With the

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Modern American society is still using the constructs from the eighteenth century. With the innovating discoveries in technology and science one would think social sciences would have a greater impact on our social constructs. Slavery was ended in 1865; unfortunately racism and white power was not. The integration of African Americans into American society has been a bumpy road and clearly has not been socially accepted in numerous locations within America. Social policies, frames, projects and the lack of education, heighten the stereotypes of African Americans. The way society is constructed produces and harbors social pathology within these groups and excludes them from resources and labels them as a statistic rather than an…show more content…
Funding allocation for additional training of educators as well as educators developmental programs would need to be created. Funding for curricula related expenses such as culturally relevant literature, events, speakers, and programs needed to facilitate learning. Learning in a real life setting such as the inclusion of community leaders, parents and institutions to give positive examples of diversity in action. In Lopez' (1995) study examined the relationship between the types of student learning, teaching skills and how knowledge affects the student performance. The teacher's race, gender and classroom size were examined to determine if student or teacher diversity or capacity affected the student performance for kindergarten through sixth grade. The results that were significant in regard to race and learning styles were that African American and Hispanic teachers were able to amplify student performance in the classrooms where the teacher’s race was the same as the students. This result indicates that young African American students have a positive school experience when they have teachers with whom they can identify with.

Teaching environment and style plays a crucial role in the child’s learning experience. According to Morris, “ direct experiences, observations and internalizations of concepts inherent in the environment are powerful determinants of child attitudes and
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