Modern Approach For Drug Design Is Laid On The Principle Of `` Big Numbers ``

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Modern approach to drug design is laid on the principle of “big numbers”. Instead of introducing more time and resource consuming higher quality research, it is becoming more and more common to analyze huge variety of hypothetical targets exposed to large number of compounds, representing variations of a few chemical themes or small groups of compounds representing large coverage of chemical themes[8]. Despite quite a low efficiency of method (on average approximately 1 “hit” in 20000 screened compounds), ease of doing this type of research, called High Throughput Screening (HTS) led to development of new field of study. Modern methods of HTS include fully automated integrated systems, where pharmaceutical companies and research labs keep their own stocks of compounds, from where screening collections are getting picked.
21st century has already been shown to be major era for development of new drugs and new complex methods, which combine genomics, bioinformatics, advanced structural biology, organic chemistry and pharmacology are being developed and perfected. Biotechnology is becoming “discovery” industry and will without a doubt generate huge results in the coming years.

Glucose transporters

Carbohydrates transport in cells is a key step in metabolism. In humans, facilitated diffusion of glucose and related carbohydrates is mediated by members of the GLUT (SLCA2) family. The fourteen human GLUTs transport various substrates, exhibit distinct substrate affinity,

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