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Futuristic Architecture of Dubai: Architecture is a field studied vastly across the world in many schools; an architect has been a part of almost everything created/designed in today 's infrastructure. The things created are amazing and the Future of architecture is unknown, in Dubai it seems as if the future is seen right now. Throughout the world many different crazy forms of architecture but perhaps the most modern and futuristic can be found in Dubai; the visual appeal of these buildings are indescribable. Throughout this project the coverage will include the details of what is so remarkable about this style, why is it so successful, and what is it that makes it so outstanding. The most immaculate Architecture is not yet built, the…show more content…
Architects responsible for these buildings ● Some of the architects who have created these buildings are Adrian Smith, Marshall Strabala, William F. Baker, George J. Efstathiou, Carlos Ott, Tom Wright, Hazel W.S. Wong Norr and tons more. -The UAE architecture took off not too long ago (1950’s). The location of the three main cities in the UAE are in a bare desert. Where the use of this style architecture is so difficult. That’s what makes it so awesome. Source: Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Innovations throughout the course of the UAE Height of buildings ● The size of these buildings have changed by an enormous amount, the settlers here started out in little huts/ square homes. They couldn 't build much more because they lived in the sand and didn’t have the knowledge or technology they do now. These little tiny homes have turned into the tallest buildings in the whole world. Service-(water supply, stairs, elevators) ● The engineers have designed a system to provide a solid water pressure to every single floor in the building. They have achieved this by dedicating whole entire floors to water. So since you can only maintain a water pressure for so many floors the engineers decided to put water stations on certain floors at a height where the water pressure gets weak. This means that a whole floor is used for holding some water but mainly for water pumps and
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