Modern Art History

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When I was five years old, my parents took me to the Louvre. Although I was not familiar with all the famous European artists and how much the paintings valued, I was mesmerized by the animated pictures on the wall. Standing before the painting, I felt an unspeakable pleasure permitted only to god himself. From that moment, I knew I was destined to be an artist, just like them in the Louvre. With the intense passion I had for arts, I kept digging the deeper level of artistic technique and appreciation. Unfortunately, as I learnt more about art history and style, I could not resist a sense of boredom. Now technology was developing at a rapid rate, but, in contrast, traditional arts became more and more pale and powerless. However, in their time, artists like Da Vinci and Raphael were superstars like Lady Gaga in our time. Just as Renaissance saved the art field once, I thought the art world needed another revolution now more than ever. And I could feel the fire burning in my chest and calling my destiny to lead. Combining modern technology with the artistic skills, Virtual Reality filled every criterion I had for a new art type. It would draw enough attention because of its novelty and in the same time maximize the value of art design. Excited by my groundbreaking idea, I started to gather information about the working mechanism…show more content…
Honestly, I never thought we could make it happen but the unexpected success filled me with energy. Others may sneeze at our work and point to the development of Virtual Reality in Silicon Valley. However, as saw it, we were at a great start. With the mechanical engineering and computer science courses provided by the world renowned professors and best students all over the world as coworkers in Cornell University, I believe I am standing on the shoulder of giants. I am sure that given the opportunity to develop myself at my dream school, I would fulfill all my ambition at Cornell
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