Modern Athletes Vs Roman Gladiators

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Do you ever compare modern athletes to Roman Gladiators? Many people see many comparisons and there is plenty reason to. They have similar lives on and off the field. The comparisons in this show that athletes are almost futuristic versions of gladiators.

They compare most to a football player. Look at the armour they wear, it looks like shoulder pads and a helmet. “Another interesting similarity between the gladiatorial games and today’s sporting events is the attire of the players. Just as the gladiators wore armour to protect their bodies, many sports today require the players to wear protective gear. One example is American football. While the armour of the gladiator was meant to stop sword and spear thrusts, the armour of the American footballer is there to lessen the impact of the opposition’s tackle” (Antiquity). Also, if gladiator
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They would need proper training, but have a gladiators body type. People like JJ Watt or Blake Griffin who are big, strong and a really good athlete could probably do a lot of damage in one of the death matches. They would still need the veangance to actually kill someone which is a very uncommon trait these days.

Roman Gladiators had many other talents other than fighting too. They were very good at gathering attention from the media. They had to try and make big names for themselves in order to establish a fanbase. They also had to have great work ethic because usually the strongest man won so it was constant training. They had to set their entire lives around gladiator fighting and keep up with their normal lives, although most of them were in jail they still had lives even while living in a cell.

Roman Gladiators are athletes of a more violent time period. Who knows, maybe there is no such thing as professional sports without them. They showed how hard training could make a great job for a lot of people. In conclusion, gladiators and athletes resemble each other very
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