Modern Communication Devices, And Day

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modern communication devices, and day-to-day communication is done through it. Study of literature of past few year shows that, the leading work on Microstrip Patch
Antenna (MPA) is focused on designing for dual frequency and dual polarized operation on arbitrary shape of patch with commercially simulated software. This review paper demonstrates some commonly engaged techniques to fabricate
Microstrip patch antenna with dual frequency and dual polarized operation since last few decades.
Index Terms - Patch Antenna, Simulator Software,
Frequency, Polarization, Gain. I. INTRODUCTION
Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA) is commonly used because of its low profile, low cost and ease of manufacturing. A patch antenna is made by etching metal on one side of dielectric substrate whereas on the opposite side there is continuous metal layer of the substrate which forms a ground plane. MPA are inherently a narrowband antenna so; various bandwidth enhancement techniques are engaged while keeping its size as compact as possible with that the wireless communication systems are often faced with many problems of multiple path fading. Recently, research work has focused on frequency reuse and polarization diversity. A number to techniques available for analysing Microstrip patch antenna. The analytical techniques include transmission line model and cavity model. The most common numerical techniques are moment method and the finite element method. The later technique is time consuming while the
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