Modern Composers : John Cage

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Modern Composers: John Cage Music is a very peculiar term. Everyone knows what it is, yet there are different interpretations and definitions of what it means to them as seen from the varying styles of composers over time. In Beethoven’s case, music to him was an escape from reality and his greatest ally in cooperating with deafness. However, there are other composers who sought to think otherwise. John Cage is an exemplary modern composer who believed that music doesn’t need to make sense. He simply loved music for the pleasure of hearing sounds just as what they are. Personally, I believe that music is not something that is optional or something that can be chosen. It cannot be defined by what the listener wills it to be. Music is a companion, or a friend who is always there for you during times of happiness and joy and also times of sadness and despair. For example, Robert Schumann wrote a tremendous amount of his works during the times of his happy marriage with Clara Schumann (Daverio and Sams 8). On the contrary, Beethoven composed most of his famous works such as “Symphony No. 2 in D Major” and “Moonlight Sonata” around 1801 to 1802, which was also the time he wrote the “Heiligenstadt Testament” which reflects his despair and struggles of his disabilities (Kerman, et al. 5). In my case, music was there for me to develop my personality for the better and also led me to inspire others through my band career during high school. In summary, one would find a definite…

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