Modern Culture And Its Impact On Society

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Human society has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last century, both technologically and socially. Movements have grown out of the earth and paved the way for those who have been historically oppressed, creating a level of equality and social awareness that, while it is in no way perfect, has sparked remarkable social change worldwide. Women in particular can now live with freedoms that they would have been denied mere decades ago, and are making great strides professionally and socially.
However, no system of social change is completely perfect. A woman’s appearance is considered her greatest asset, particularly in the West and as enforced in Western media. Those who do not conform to the societal expectations of appearance are ridiculed; or worse, pitied. In response to this, many choose to turn to the polar opposite of the popular culture that encourages women to see beauty as a competition – they turn to modesty culture. Backed particularly by religious institutions like Christianity, modesty culture is the historical standard that has stood steadfast against the influences of popular culture that, while it encourages women’s sexual freedoms, has been considered by many to be offensive or insensitive. Modesty culture, on the other hand, encourages the appropriateness of dress and behaviour. It seeks to be the correct way of being for women and girls to look and act; but while its intentions are noble, this culture has its own faults which are innately different…
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