Modern Dance : Classical Dance

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Modern dance is less a of system or technique but rather, an outlook towards dance, an approach that enables artistic individuality. The evolvement of modern dance led way for the development of personal choreographic styles that would allow women to proclaim their independence, artistically and socially. Unlike ballet’s curved and symmetrical lines, modern dancers used angular asymmetries in order to break the traditional images of dance. Many modern dance pioneers had studied ballet, which they rejected, describing the disdained frills and glamour as confining and European. Modern dance has continued to develop through the learning of young dancer going beyond and rebelling against their elders. Throughout the 1920’s dance was prominent…show more content…
Her aim was, to reach the audience through a intuitive approach rather than an objective image that registered upon the intelligence of the audience, “… out of emotion comes form …” (Handout from Natalie Linke, 2017).
After the death of her father in 1916, Graham attended a performance by Ruth St Denis, which made her realise that she wanted to dance. She enrolled in the Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts, located in Los Angeles. Founded by Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn, the Denishawn School was the only major dance company that worked outside of classical ballet. Denishawn had a large influence on choreographers throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s, and provided training for many well-known dance pioneers, such as Charles Weidman, Doris Humphrey and Miss Graham. In 1923, Graham was urged to leave Denishawn by then music accompanist Louis Horst. He claimed that dance had an independent life of music, and did not stem from it. Horst educated Graham about musical form, and persuaded her to collaborate with contemporary composers rather than using music from the 18th and 19th centuries. He also introduced Graham to the style of Mary Wigman - a German dancer - , and modern painters Cubist and Wassily Kennedy. He was a prominent figure throughout her life with musical collaboration lasting 32 years, he was a close mentor and friend of Graham, and urged her to follow an independent career.
Graham developed her own unique dance
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