Modern Day Attacks Against Firewalls and Vpns

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Modern Day Attacks Against Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks

Electronic technology is growing at a rapid rate; more devices are made mobile and wireless, but with those improvement and developments come flaws and malicious opportunities. Cyber attacks are on the rise and no system or device is immune. Many organizations employ multiple layers of firewalls but that doesn’t completely eliminate the threat. Attacks against firewalls and virtual private networks or VPNs are constantly being exploited with new methods everyday, but they are yet another obstacle that a cyber criminal must overcome. First let’s discuss what a firewall is and what a firewall is capable of doing. Firewall applications are
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Unfortunately, many firewalls come with so many rules or policies that they can counteract the security desired and create loopholes for network threats or actually block traffic that is desired or requested by the user. These issues make it really important to understand how all rules and policies in the firewall work and how to apply them. Another tool often used for secure reasons and also as a reliable method to share information remotely is called a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Henry describes A VPN as “a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network—namely, the internet” (para 3, 2012). Basically, it’s a private network created to allow remote access through a public network. Most often you will see that employees on airplanes or in a public place that will require and utilize these VPNs to access their business resources for all kinds of information, but some people just use it as a means to use their network without physically compromising the actual systems. A good VPN can provide many functions such as access anywhere worldwide without dedicated lines, data security, remote access to business resources and better employee production. For these VPNs to perform these functions properly they are required to provide reliability by ensuring that the network does not break down before reaching its max capacity, scalability to ensure the ability to expand as business grows, and of
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