Modern Day Automotive Technology

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Modern Day Automotive Technology
Inventions have really made great advancements throughout the years. One of the inventions that seem to be forever changing is technology. More specific, automobile technologies. For instance, the Ford Model T when created in 1908, was mostly a metal shell with the basic controls for movement with no other technology. Throughout the years there were conveniences such as air conditioning, heaters, radio, and power windows and power locks. Nowadays it seems automakers are more concerned in technology than anything else. These technologies now range from accident avoidance systems to even wireless internet, but at what point do we say it has gone too far? I believe these technologies have already gotten out of control. There just seems to be more distractions being created than being taken away.
The modern-day technology is seemingly forever changing. Each car brand is coming out with their own kinds of technology, but there are a lot of the potentially life-saving systems filtering into most car models out there today. What are the most popular new technologies? The top nine new technologies according to Autonet include pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, brake lock, semi-autonomous driving, receding door handles, Internet radio, built-in shop vac, traffic sign recognition, and even a
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The traction control and stability control systems have also been invented in the lab. Traction control was created in 1985 and like the ABS, didn't make it to the states for a few years. This system works by taking away the power from the wheels when they start to spin. This allows the wheels to make a more solid contact with the road to help the driver better control the vehicle upon takeoff. Similar to traction control, but created ten years later in 1995 by Bosh is the electronic stability control or also known as ESC. Unlike traction control, ESC is used while the vehicle is driving down
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