Modern Day Christians ' Feeding Pigs '

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To us modern day christians “feeding pigs” might not be a big deal but this was one of the worst jobs this Jewish boy could have received -this job was considered an unclean occupation -in order to get this job he was abandoning religious principles - This boy had hit rock bottom...This boy appear to be in a desperate plight... - The bible said “No one gave him anything” — He received no alms - I am sure he had many friends when he had money but his former friends did not help him. - he had no money left...the bible says he longed to fill his stomach with the pods” — in other words he wished he could eat the pig’s food. It was while he was sitting here, in the pig’s pen, busted and disgusted, that he began to reflect on his father’s home and all the luxury that came with it (too bad he had to waiting until then) But in verse 17-20 - The son decides to return home — This pivotal verse changes the direction of the story. Notice the bible says “When” (rather than “it so happened that”) seems to imply that his sanity was inevitable. In other words he was bound to come to his senses, living in such awful situation/circumstance I believe he began to compare...where he was sitting to where he could be sitting “My father’s has hired servants” — He contrasts himself, a hired servant of a Gentile, to his father’s servants, who had plenty to eat. “In my father’s house there is food to spare…meanwhile I am here starving to death” If I stay with the pigs, I will
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