Modern Day Cinderella

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A few months ago a girl named Cindy's parents took a vacation to America, leaving her alone with her aunt and two daughters, Tiphisha and Moya. Her parents lived in England and were extremely wealthy, and for that reason her aunt, Lorna and her daughters were jealous of Cindy and despised her very much. They treated her very bad, Cindy had to do all the chores in the house in order to keep it clean. They ordered her around and gave her dirty clothes to wear. They would keep her locked in the basement so that no one would know that she was there. Cindy's life was made difficult, she often sits by the cinders and cry, and wish her parents had took her with them. But in the pass times, she would sing, which is something she loved …show more content…
She said with a wicked smirk on her face, as she walked off laughing. Cindy tried, but she wasn?t finished in time. After they left Cindy went down to her room and lay on her bed and started to weep. She was lying beside a bible, was looking at a old picture that she and her parents had took when she was younger, just to remember how happy she was. As she kept on weeping she repeated these word a couple of times ?I want to go to the ball, I wish my parents were here.? A pure tear drop fell on the page of the bible and it turn to Philippians 4:13. She heard a voice say ?say this and your wish will become true, since you have been so faithful.? ?I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.? Cindy?s eyes were closed, when she opened them, before her there was a beautiful baby blue dress and a shiny pair of glass slippers with gloves and a tiara, and outside there was a beautiful carriage with white horses. Cindy smiled in pleasure and started to thank the lord. Then she heard the same voice again saying ?make sure you are home by 12:00 or else your blessing will run out and you will go back in the ragged dirty clothes.? When Cindy arrived at the ball all eyes were on her and the crowd started whispering ?who is that beautiful girl?? the prince would dance with no one except for her. The aunt and the cousins were jealous of this

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