Modern Day Commercial Firms Have A System Of Computer Based Network

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Background to the Study Many modern day commercial firms have a system of computer based network to track the activities of their employees at the workplace. Employers can track the emailing and browsing history alongside any other activity carried out by an employee using computers even if they clear the history (Reynolds, 2011). Companies are on the run to come up with strict policies to track the use of the computers among employees. Some firms argue that computer based monitoring is important although it is quite expensive to install and maintain (Hugl, 2013).
The fact that the internet is becoming one of the major business components, it has become critical for firms to monitor how employees use it. Research indicates that a larger percentage of employers monitor how their employees use the internet while at work. Over the last one decade, the percentages of employers who have restricted their employees’ access to the company website have increased significantly. They prefer computer based monitoring arguing that computers can handle a large volume of data. Cangemi (2012) adds “CM systems use automated advanced analytics to sift through the large volumes of structured data, such as financial transactions, that comprise a large part of their big data” (p. 35). According to them, computer monitoring has become critical to reduce cases of critical information from the company leaking to unwanted third parties (Lyon, 2008). The rise of the internet has brought a chain of
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