Modern-Day Disaster: Sinking of the RMS Lusitania

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The First World War had started and the Lusitania was to be the ship that would emphasize the fact that the U.S. needed to join the conflict and that society as a whole needed to acknowledge the fact that Germany was determined to exercise world dominance by using its military power against innocent individuals. The 9/11 events have had a similar impact on the world, considering that the actors involved came to be perceived as evil individuals who attacked innocent people with the purpose of demonstrating that they had the power to do so.
The September 11, 2001 events took place in an era when people were not acquainted with the imminent threat that they faced. The masses were aware that terrorists existed and that they could strike at any time, but they did not know that they could be a victim. Things changed along with the 9/11 events, however, as the whole world realized that terrorists knew no limits and that they expressed little to no interest in the fact that they had to kill innocent people in order to put across their thinking. Similarly, conditions during 1915 became critical as people from around the world accepted the fact that they could be next victims as a result of the fact that the European conflict turned…
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