Modern Day Genocide

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Modern Day Genocide Humiliated, beaten, and neglected; an entire group of people are constantly under abuse. They must hide from their own government in fear of death. The citizens expose their neighbors in order to create a more perfect country. No documentation exists that outlaws the violence towards these people. Their leaders do not want to recognize that they have any existence. All of this is happening while surrounding countries sit idle and wait for a resolution to happen. When hearing this description, many people think of the Holocaustic horrors during World War Two. This type of violence and cruelty surely could not happen in our world today without headlining the news everywhere. Could it? Today, thousands of homosexuals are under attack throughout the country of Russia. We are witnessing an attempt to kill off an entire society of humans. Are we going to sit back and allow this genocide to occur? As a progressive nation, we must try to end this tyranny through creating an opposition to the Russian government’s policies and through strengthening the equality in our own government. The history of Russia and the Soviet Union is rich with culture and tradition. This tradition dates back well before homosexuals were common throughout society. When members of the gay community finally felt comfortable to begin coming out to the public, the Soviet Union decided to suppress their actions by outlawing homosexuality. Though harsh, these laws were not much of a shock to

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