Modern Day Hero Essay

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In today’s society, it is hard to know someone who another person can look up to as a hero. It takes a special quality and person for others to know they can look up to and follow without worrying about being lead astray. The modern day hero I have chosen is someone who not only is willing to lay his life down for another, but also is willing to fight for everyone’s freedom.
James A. Miller Jr. is that modern day hero; he is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. For the last year, he has been overseas fighting for not only the lives of all Americans, but he is also trying to free the Iraqi Government and people.
Growing up, I always thought of him as just my baby brother. After he joined the Marines in 1993, I have seen
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Some of the areas he has been are Kosovo, Djibotia, Africa and Iraq. During one of his tours of combat, his unit was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Presidential Unit Citation (PUC). The PUC is awarded to units of the Armed Forces of the United States for extraordinary acts of heroism in action against an armed enemy occurring on or after 7th of December 1941. The unit must display such gallantry, determination and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extreme difficult and hazardous contributions as to set it apart and above other units participating in the same campaign. The degree of heroism required is the same as that which would warrant award of a Distinguished Service Cross to an individual.
This past year, having been overseas helping fight for the freedom of many lives, James has worked with many men and women that could be classified as heroes; those who went above and beyond the call of duty to save the lives of others. He recommended several men in his unit for special citations due to those acts of honor. While in battle, James has encountered not only enemy fire, but also witnessed the loss of one of his men because of the enemy fire. Although he has witnessed not only death, destruction and even caused it, he is still the sweetest man around.
Comparing him to a mythological hero of war was hard; there have been many heroes in the past that has laid their lives down for their country. The classical hero I
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