Modern Day Hipsters

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If you try to ask a hipster this question ‘”What is a Hipster?” he or she probably won’t have an answer and might not even consider themselves one” (Faulkner). Most hipsters do not consider themselves hipster because it has “quickly became a badge of shams” (Wise). Today, people largely see hipsters as “pretentious, fake and self-aggrandizing” and no one wants to be pit under a label that has come to mean something negative (Wise). Modern day hipsters are extremely different from the 1940s hepsters, which was what they were called back then, but they have influenced the music that is listened to now and the fashion styles that are worn today. Hipsters all started out in the 1940s when jazz was just starting off. “Early jazz musicians used “hep” for anyone who was in the know” about the culture that was the beginning of something new (Faulkner). The fans of jazz were known as hepcats but Cab Calloway defined the word hepcats as “a guy who knows all the answers, understands jive” so he used the word hepsters instead to describe the people of jazz instead (McKay). This soon caught on and later turned into hipsters. In the 1940s, jazz was becoming more popular, and as swing was getting slowly replaced by jazz music, hep cats morphed into hipsters. Jazz grew and started attracting lots of people especially “lower-class white youth” (Faulkner). They were all in search of something new, and jazz was just that. Even though it was mainly performed by African- Americans and had no
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