Modern Day Immigration And The United States

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Modern Day Immigration The United States of America is not a perfect nation, however certain qualities that America possesses includes America as the land of opportunity, prosperity, and simply being a better place to live leads citizens from other countries to aspire to live in America. Countries in the twenty-first century still endure poverty, high mortality rates, poor or no health insurance, and are forced to endure inhumane and unethical treatment by the enforcement of leaders of certain nations. Therefore, the issue of immigration and the entry of unauthorized “illegal” immigrants in the United States is still a relevant issue in today’s society. An illegal alien or immigrant is defined as “a foreign person who is living in a…show more content…
The past “immigration reform” that the government attempted to implement has not deterred illegal entry into the country. The problem of immigration should not be categorized as a political or economic charged debate within America, but as a humanitarian crisis. For example, United States being the most developed and successful country in the world should discuss with Mexico ways to improve the living condition in their country to accommodate its citizens appropriately and financially assist and support the country in that is in need, only if the country follows Americas plan and terms. These ideas are supported by the article The Framing of Immigration in which the authors states that changing the “framing of the problem (immigration) would lead to a solution involving the Secretary of State, conversations with Mexico and other Central American countries, and a close examination of the promises of NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank to raise the standards of living around the globe.” These organizations are free trade agreements that some may say are intended to benefit the government in Mexico and not the everyday people. This article also implies that this is not an “immigration problem” but a “globalization problem” because of the migration and displacement of people from their homeland at a
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