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Was he a loving father, son, and caregiver? Mr. Frog was all of those things. He was a father to two beautiful children: Kaelin and Kasey. Everyday Mr. Frog would do the same routine. He would wake, brush his teeth, and wash his face, eat breakfast, and kiss his family goodbye as he went off to work. Mr. Frog was a pediatrician. He helped Mrs. Frog give birth to her babies and nourished them until they were mature enough to live on their own. Mr. Frog did not get paid for money or material things, but with smiles and “thank yous”. He was a good person to all species and never complained about life.
Although Mr. Frog was very busy with his patients, he always had time for his family. Every Saturday they would go to the park and catch flies while Mr. Frog caught up on all the new gossip. However, Mr. Frog was not always a happy and caring person. When Mr. Frog was eleven years old his mom and dad got a divorce. That was when his whole life changed including his behavior. Mr. Frog started acting up in class
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Frog would steal people’s lunch money and tell them that they were not important. He tore people down. This behavior went on for years until his eleventh-grade year. Mr. Frog’s math teacher Mr. Peaches was just like Mr. Frog until he realized what was important. Mr. Peaches explained how he hated math and his math teacher. Mr. Frog would ignore him and go on and on about how he was so nice to the world and the people and they took all his happiness. “The world does not owe you anything; it was here first”. That was what Mr. Peaches said to Mr. Frog that changed his whole life and how he saw things.
Mr. Frog is an example of how the things people say can change a person. He won an award for “The most kind”. He tells his stories every day to young frogs hopping that they to would be inspired. Although Mr. Frog was not always bright and ambitious, he always had an amazing heart. Certainly, Mr. Frog will be forever remembered for his work and acts of

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