Modern Day Policing Across America Essay

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After the slave patrols were created the next form of organized policing in America was in the form of police departments; the first police department was in New York during 1845, after that Chicago created one in 1854, and Los Angeles in 1869. These stations were based on three characteristics taken from their British counterparts: limited police authority meaning all actions by officers must be specifically stated/defined by the law, local control meaning the local government would control and regulate and set up some of the laws that officers must abide by, and a fragmented law enforcement authority, meaning that not only one department or office will control one district but share it with other organizations so that it will regulate within itself and not abuse power or achieve a monopoly in that area; these characteristics are present in modern day policing across America (Archbold, 2013). One of the larger problems that occurred during these early times of law enforcement was whether or not policemen should be armed or not, the fact that policemen should always wear a uniform when on duty, and to what extent they should use physical force in different situations; the early law enforcement ideals of sir Peele were that physical force should only be used in last case scenarios and officers should be well trained in diplomacy between in heated disagreements (Archbold, 2013). Some officers however believed that wearing uniforms would make them a target of mockery and
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