Modern Day Politics Is The Growing Amount Of Wealth And Income Inequality

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A commonly discussed topic in modern day politics is the growing amount of wealth and income inequality. As more studies are published, it appears that there is a strong racial divide in regards to income. For example, a study found that the average African-American family would earn only 6% of the income that the average white family would (Shin). These studies continuously point towards a few key barriers that prevent ethnic minorities such as African-Americans and Latino-Americans from achieving at the same level as their white counterparts. Some of these specific barriers are a lack of access to education, and inability to purchase property as well as decreased pay in the workplace. Tocqueville appeared to notice this divide early on, commenting: “Almost insurmountable barriers had been raised between [the races] by education and law, as well as by their origin and outward characteristics, but fortune has brought them together on the same soil, where, although they are mixed, they do not amalgamate, and each race fulfills its destiny apart” (Volume I, Book II, Ch. X). Society forced Anglo-Americans, Indians and Negros live separate lives, wherein they had their own definitions of “success” and “achievement” (here referenced by Tocqueville as the fulfillment of “destiny”). In the United States today, differing races are able to coexist however the barriers to success aforementioned have forced minorities into having different “destinies”. This appears to deviate

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