Modern Day Shakespeare

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Throughout the evolution of the written word,no other man has made such an impact on the literary form,William Shakespeare,has created themes that have not only represented the issues and topics relevant to his time, but has created themes that still apply to modern day,such as:”Romeo and Juliet,”with themes of love,youth,and mortality.If imitation is greatest form flattery;modern day media must really admire the works of Shakespeare. Media has pump out many variations of Shakespeare key works, using pieces from his plays and poems to give a alright movie or mediocre episode of a show the right amount dramatic suspense or foreshadowing to become something thought provoking and meaningful.
Upon this observation there is a key trope that is replicated
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As a result, many people don’t recognize nor take the time to look at the other play’s tropes that have been main inspiration for renowned movies.During the time of shakespeare’s solemn,sorrowful phase of his life work many of his plays have had a great impact on dramas and thriller alike with such plays as:Coriolanus,Cymbeline,Hamlet,Julius Caesar,King
Lear,Macbeth,Othello,Romeo and Juliet,Timon of Athens,Titus Andronicus,Troilus and
Cressida.The main tropes used in previously mentioned are more the morbid and less tame subjects like Betrayal,Parricide,Incest,rape,and a darker than normal look on societal
Norms.Hamlet,”A play that where the young protagonist named Hamlet learns about his father untimely demise at the hands his uncle and his subsequent quest for revenge for his father that leads to him to becoming shunned by his mother , people belief in his sanity to waine, and the shifting of alliances that leads to demise of many in the play”, though not as famous as “Romeo and Juliet”; it has been used as a template for many great films for being one of the progenitor of modern movie trope of avenge a father death through a series for quest or trials that has
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Scar.The aftermath that followed leads to Scar death faintly resembles the Caesar's death scene by the hands of the his close inner circle and mirrors the exact part where scare is surrounded and pounced,getting devoured by the same beasts that he enlisted to take the kingdom.From here the trope of the villain getting their just dessert can be see in blanten view, this can be seen in
Macbeth and Claudius deaths.Tropes that have originated from shakespeare’s tragedies are used in media a foil the main protagonist or to build suspense and pay off for theat the beginning and the end of media.Many films uses the hamlet plot device of vengeance to make it a thriller,but will forsaken unnecessary filler or sub-plots to from making the story convolute.The death of characters is less frequent in these movie,solely focusing on the quest or journey of the protagonist.The pluses and minus of the tropes is that it can be used in interesting scenarios and used more in thriller and dramas,but with their low recognition rate and suffering from the same problem that”Romeo and Juliet” with being used quite frequently in watered done movies to focused on being exactly like the original and further builds upon shakespeare work and just uses it as a templet and nothing
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