Modern Day Sir Thomas More (Script Essay)

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Wilshire Boulevard
Two friends are driving in a late-model Toyota Corolla across Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard.
ROBERT: Where are we going?
DAVE: I don’t know. I thought we would just drive along Wilshire.
DAVE: I don’t know. I thought it would be fun. Have you ever driven along Wilshire before? Except to go from point A to point B?
The two friends drive along in silence. ROBERT gazes at the sidewalk, interested in the activities that he passes by.
ROBERT: You know what?
DAVE: What?
ROBERT: This city is really sad. There is no one around. No one walks on the streets.
DAVE: Bums. Bums walk along the streets.
ROBERT: They don’t really count, do they?
DAVE: (A beat). Why would ‘bums’ not count? They
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ROBERT: I’m glad I don’t live here.
DAVE: Why?
ROBERT: It is just so poor (a beat) and nasty.
DAVE: I don’t think I follow.
ROBERT: Well, look, there is so much graffiti, and it looks like the street hasn’t been cleaned in over a year. So many potholes. I bet there is a lot of crime.
DAVE: You don’t know that.
ROBERT: Well, I can assume. This is a poor neighborhood.
DAVE: Don’t you think that that is a bit of a rash decision? Just because someone is poor doesn’t mean that they commit crime. A lot of the problems that we have here in society are because of the social dichotomy in the United States. Look, we just drove through Beverly Hills, past the Pretty Woman hotel, and have now entered a poorer neighborhood within 15 minutes. The rich and the poor live right next to one another. Unfortunately, with the way that society has pushed down the poor in this country, these people that are driving by will most likely never be able to move up the social totem pole. The quality of education that these people have is lower than the general society, they do not have access to quality health care for themselves or their children, and look, I don’t happen to see much food stores or quality restaurants. Instead, I see a lot of fast food chains – look, there are three at that intersection
DAVE points and ROBERT looks.
ROBERT: Yes, but these people can just go to school and get the free money that is there for them – the money that we pay taxes
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