Modern Day Slavery And The Second Largest International Organized Crime Industry

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Human trafficking has been an ongoing business that can be tracked many years back. Today it is considered to be modern day slavery and the second largest international organized crime industry. It brings in billions of dollars annually. Often human trafficking can be defined as the forced or coerced movement of people across national borders as well as within countries. Due to the increase of cultural and economic globalization, human trafficking sky rockets every year. Common areas victims are trafficked to parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Within the human trafficking sector, there are three major subsets. Sexual trafficking, Labor trafficking, and Organ trafficking.
Sex trafficking is the largest subset within the human trafficking industry and will be the main focus of my essay. Sexual trafficking is the exploitation of women and children within national or international borders for the purpose of forced sex work. Every year thousands of women and children are forced into this industry with little or no chance of escaping. Among other regions in the world, Southeast Asia has high numbers of people being trafficked in and out of the region. After doing research, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand have some of the highest numbers of women and children being trafficked within the region. These three countries have a “supply and demand relationship.” Women and children are trafficked from Vietnam and Cambodia, (both are suppliers) to Thailand, the demand…
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