Modern Day Slavery And Today 's Society Essay

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Many times it is said that history repeats itself, but should it in cases such as slavery. Slavery has been known as a cruel war again human nature itself, violating many basic and cherished human rights of life and liberty, (Leary, 2015). This research paper will examine modern day slavery and the many different aspects that play a role in carrying it out in today’s society. As modern day slavery is defined, reasons for the cause will be noted, along with the affects, abuse of power and rights, and possible solutions.
With many definitions of slavery out there, predominantly it can be referred to as a practice with different elements such as: ownership of a person as chattel, loss of free will and control over many aspects of self but especially their labor power, and control being asserted through violence, degradation, or threat. With slavery defined, the correlation between slavery and human trafficking of forced labor can easily be linked and observed. There is a connection of ownership of a person as chattel where the victim loses their rule of specifically their labor power through violence, degradation, and threats such as deportation, (Leary, 2015). Looking at modern slavery through this perspective, there is recognition that societies, economics, and social structures do alter over time. Slavery may remind many of some of the most sorrowful and agonizing times in the nation’s history. However, there is no denying it no matter how much some try. The term “slavery”
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