Modern Day Slavery Of Thailand

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Modern day Slavery in Thailand
Every year, Thailand experiences high rates of human trafficking from its rural parts and from its the neighboring countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. Sex trafficking is not just described as the trade in humans for sexual slavery but also consists of forced marriages or even martyr organ donors. Trafficking is often seen through the hue of sexual slavery and it is critical to understand the social, political and economic reasons that contribute to the growth of human trafficking in Thailand. Since the Vietnam War, sex trafficking has been on a constant rise due to foreign troops being the very first clients to sex workers, there has been a perception of Thailand as a sought of after destination for
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Hence the question that arises is that despite all of this, why does sex trafficking endure? The reason is because sex trafficking has slowly become a part of Thailand 's cultural heritage, so much so that it 's religious, economic and political background has become a viable reference point.
Religious norms also play an important part in constructing the social status of women in Thailand. Communities such as the ethnic Akha that is predominantly a Buddhist community, accredits in the strict readings on the basic truths of Karma. Seabrook further elaborates that women are inherently impure and carnal according to various undeniable Buddhist sects and these communities relate the involvement of women in sex trade as “a consequence of their karma, their demerit in a former life. In this way, men can express lust without demerit because it is caused by women” (qtd. in Mah, 80). This specific reading of Buddhist sects exempts men from any sins when associated with human trafficking. Moreover, the spiritual beliefs associated with the social status of the women grants the same status to be cemented into a culture. Religious norms then become a principal factor in determining the cultural values of a community, especially in rural areas. Hence, it creates a feedback loop of religious values that allows men to consume prostitution without fear of wrongdoings
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