Modern Day Society And Creative Industries

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Scriptwriters and Their Role in Modern-Day Society
What would Hollywood and its producers do without scriptwriters? A person with a camera can only do so much on their own; without a script — there is no story to build a movie up from. Essentially, an excellent script is the foundation for a brilliant movie. Furthermore, scriptwriting has been an interest of mine since my seventh grade year in middle school, which was when I was first exposed to drama. I was not a huge fan of getting up on a stage; however, I greatly enjoyed the writing aspect of the class. I connected with the idea of telling somebody a story without having to look them directly in the eyes, and I still feel this way today. Due to this feeling, I sense that I would make a decent scriptwriter. Carrying on, this paper further examines the substantial role of the scriptwriter in modern-day society and creative industries. According to the National Careers Service, a career search website based in the United Kingdom, scriptwriters are writers who create screenplays (2015). Constructing characters, shaping dialogue, and writing an engaging plot are all part of a scriptwriter’s profession (AllAboutCareers Ltd, 2015). As a screenwriter, one might expect to develop their own original ideas through writing and words to sell to producers. Some producers may even commission a scriptwriter to create a screenplay based on an idea or true story. Additionally, scriptwriters are often asked to adapt an existing
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