Modern Day Society : The Legacies Of Historical Globalization

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Modern day society is built from legacies of historical globalization. It should be recognized that some legacies were not the most positive, and that every legacy of historical globalization affects us today. It has been heavily debated that to what extent should we dwell on the legacies of historical globalization. Some people believe that it is necessary to dwell on events of the past. Yet others say that it is the past, and our current society functions normally without it. While contemporary society does operate normally without dwelling, it is important to acknowledge legacies of historical globalization. Dwelling on the legacies of historical globalization can help us function better as people, it helps us realize that we are not perfect. First, people say events that happened in the past are still impacting us today. For example, residential schools in Canada have left a current generation of First Nations with emotional scars and harrowing tales. First Nations children in these schools were beaten, sexually abused, under fed, and lived in terrible conditions. These schools left them emotionless, and a majority of them turned to substance and alcohol abuse to numb the pain. They pass these problems onto their children which creates a vicious cycle of abuse and neglect. This was caused by a legacy of European beliefs being forced upon different cultures. It is important to dwell on these legacies so we don’t re-attempt to assimilate another culture, Second, dwelling
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