Modern Day Technology : What Kind Of Direct Effect Does Technology Play?

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Humans are first and foremost social creatures. Stay by yourself for any prolonged amount of time and you’ll immediately see why. If there’s nothing left to occupy yourself with, your life may begin to seem mundane and insignificant. Humans crave social interactions and sense of meaning. We all need a reason why we were born on this rock we call Earth. And this is precisely why your place in this world has such an impact on who you are, and how you choose to live your life: your identity. Now, take this context and place it in the modern day, and try to find a primary culprit for the biggest impact on social constructs and interactions. One of the most prevalent sculptors, many would argue (no matter where you go in the world) is modern-day technology. Since technology impacts social constructs, and social constructs shape identity, what kind of direct effect does technology play in the formation of identity and the place of the individual within society? This is the precise issue for which I hope to explain throughout this essay, making and carefully analyzing predictions about how both current and future technology will impact one’s sense of place. Although the outlook on future technology is difficult to formulate and predict, I believe that technology (both current and future) will increase the overall development of identity within the individual through the continued use of media and the increase of man’s reign on technology. This will ultimately result in a society
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