Modern Day Temperature Measurement Devises And Their Uses

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Relevance Three examples of modern day temperature measurement devises and their uses: Scientific Theory  Explain the science behind how a mercury thermometer works using the particle model. When a mercury thermometer or any type of thermometer comes into contact with a heated or cooled object the kinetic energy of the molecules of the thermometer heats o cools to match the objects temperature. The thermometer normally has a liquid substance such as mercury or alcohol that will expand when heated. The molecules move faster taking up more space causing the liquid in the thermometer to expand and rise to show the liquids substance temperature. Also the molecules bounce against each other harder and harder which is pushing…show more content…
The first thermometer used had the same basics as today using a glass test tube and mercury or coloured alcohol. The draw backs of the thermometer went back to 400 years ago when the inventor Galileo created a thermometer to measure the temperature of water.  What is the difference between a thermoscope and a thermometer? The difference between thermoscope and a thermometer is that a thermometer measures heat and has a scale that determines the actual temperature where as a thermoscope is an earlier version of a thermometer which doesn’t have a scale which meant that you could only tell that the temperature was decreasing or increasing. Also a thermoscope doesn’t let you know the actual temperature which means in experiments if you use a thermoscope the experiment will not be accurate.  Explain how the Fahrenheit scale was developed and when. The Fahrenheit scale was invented by a German physicist named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who the scale was named after. In 1714 the first modern thermometer as developed which was the mercury thermometer with more advanced measurements than all of the other thermometers created. The original Fahrenheit scale was not entirely accurate because it did not give an accurate calibrate. The Fahrenheit temperature scale ranged from 212 degrees (boiling point of water on this scale) to 32 degrees (boiling point on
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