Modern Dictator Analysis on Louis XIV of France and Fidel Castro

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Dictators throughout time have many of the same traits making them very comparable. Two dictators that are iconic in history are Louis XIV of France and Fidel Castro the modern dictator of Cuba. Castro gets a lot of hate thrown his way but this is really a one sided view because Castro is only seen from Americas point of view. Sadly Castro doesn’t get any recognition for all the good things he has done for Cuba. Somehow Louis is seen as a great leader while he abused his people and left his successor with no ally’s and the kingdom of France a mess. Common beliefs in these leaders are all misleading because Castro is clearly a better leader than Louis if you consider how Castro cared for his people while Louis only cared for himself. Castro is also better than Lois the XIV because Castro took an abusive leader out of power and ended a revolution when Louis was the abusive leader. The leader before Castro was Fulgencio Batista and he tried to sell out Cuban business to The US and he took huge amounts of money from the government. Batista took money from the government and did whatever was in the best interest of his wallet not the Cuban people. Batista took power when Cuba’s economy was doing better than they ever had before and he ruined it by encouraging large scale gambling and running organized crime all over the country. Castro and the rest of the Cuban people despised Batista and the people revolted against Batista and won back their country. The government was in

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