Modern Education : Is There A Choice?

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Jul 16, 15, 11:57 PM Modern Education: Is there a Choice?
Being a parent is scary, overwhelming. No matter how much one might prepare, parenting is a job for which no one can prepare. In the beginning, every time you contemplate the responsibility of that tiny person being placed in your care, awe and freaking out best describe the emotions that roll. Thus begins the journey of parenthood. A parent bathes, cuddles, and prepares the house for baby’s first steps. They record their first words and ultimately start them on the road to lifelong learning. At first, so much is dependent upon you, the parent. You are, after all, your children’s first heroes. In the beginning you can do no wrong, so in
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One of Howard Gardner ’s eight multiple intelligences , bodily kinesthetic intelligence involves the ability to hold objects, body control and coordination. Possession of bodily kinesthetic intelligence means an individual can initiate body movements in concert with thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Sports activities (for example baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc.) as well as dance, mime, drama, and martial arts require this ability. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence needs to be developed and must not be sacrificed in favor of verbal linguistic intelligence and logical mathematical intelligence, which most schools today heavily emphasize in their curriculum and assessments. (Leonard, 16)
A behaviorist believes that instruction is fostered by observable, measurable, and controllable objectives set by the instructor. The learner is then asked to produce a specified set of responses based upon a controlled set of stimuli. This theory is based on B.F. Skinner’s work with mice in the 1930s. n behaviorism the assumption is made, that by controlling the environment of mice, they could be trained to follow a predetermined pattern. Humans, when given the proper motivation, could also be trained to respond in a specific manner displayed in set of behavioral outcomes. According to behaviorism, instructors are the impetus to specific behavioral outcomes from learners through predetermined learning objectives. The Learning progresses from simple to
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