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It was clear that he had something important to tell the King.
‘What bloody man is this?’ said Duncan. ‘I can see he 's just come from the battlefield so he 'll be able to give us the latest news.’
‘Ah!’ exclaimed Malcolm. ‘This is the sergeant who struggled so valiantly to save me from captivity. Hello, brave friend. Tell the King how things stand.’
The man winced. His breathing was laboured but his eyes shone. ‘It was on a knife-edge,’ he said. ‘The armies were like two spent swimmers clinging together to prevent themselves from drowning. Then the merciless Macdonwald -’ the sergeant spat with disgust - ‘that most vile of men! - brought in some reinforcements from the western isles. After that fortune began smiling on him.’
Duncan and his sons exchanged glances. Lennox, a close ally of the King, was there too. Their faces expressed the seriousness of the situation.
‘But it was all in vain,’ continued the sergeant. He tried a smile and winced again. ‘Because brave Macbeth - how well he deserves that name! - disregarding his own safety, brandishing his sword, which smoked with hot blood, carved his way through the troops until he faced the cursed rebel. He didn 't stop - no handshakes or farewells - until he had unseamed him from the navel to the jaw and fixed his head on our battlements.’
‘Oh!’ exclaimed Duncan. ‘Valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!’
‘But it wasn 't over yet,’ said the sergeant. ‘Can you believe this, King of
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