Modern Environmental Degradation And Exploitation

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result from the defeat of the capitalists and lead to a democratic planning about the production and resources of the planet. This seems most required in the face of modern environmental degradation and exploitation. One of my most vivid memories is looking at a group of protesters, stand beneath the large “Bank of America” signboard in Midtown Manhattan, chanting “Climate change! Peace over profit.” As I participated in the largest climate march in history this fall in New York, I could see the reflections of a dissatisfied class amongst the protesters. The disgust at the exploitative means of the capitalists was not limited to the so-called working class. Instead, students, citizens of the future, were at the forefront, protesting the harmful practices that, in the name of profit, degrade the natural splendor and resources of our planet. Since every transformative process bears the scars of revolution, Marx argues that, in emerging from the shackles of capitalism, socialism or the “first phase” of communism will bear the birthmarks of the previous order. Thus, each worker will be given credit for his contribution. When these changes transform the society and socialism extends throughout the world, humanity will enter the final stage of pure communism characterized by Statelessness, Classlessness and Propertylessness. Since no one shall lack personal possession, no one will have the authority to exploit another for private gain. In such a classless society, everyone will
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